Bien Lire, Bien Ecrire Teacher’s Book: Pour une Utilisation dans le Cadre du Programme du Diplome de l’IbIan Maun



Author: Ian Maun
Author(s): Ian Maun, Isabelle Rodrigues, Jenny Ollerenshaw, Catherine Loridan, Chris Van Dam
ISBN-13: 9780954769598
ISBN-10: 0954769597
Edition: Out of Print Please see other available editions.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: 30-Apr-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 109

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This book provides answers and guidance to accompany each of the 18 units in the full-colour student’s book. The units provide students with a model text and give them exercises that help them analyse the structure and language. They then work up to writing a similar type of text in a similar register of language. The approach trains students to reflect on the communicative purpose of each text and to use the language appropriate to the type of text and its audience. It teaches them to structure arguments in a clear, coherent and convincing way

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