Business And Management Revision WorkbookPaul Hoang

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Author: Paul Hoang
Author(s): Paul Hoang
ISBN-13: 9781876659936
ISBN-10: 1876659939
Edition: 1st edition
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date: 10-Oct-09
Format: Paperback

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This Revision Workbook is intended for use by students following the International Baccalaureate course in Business and Management and accompanies the 1st Edition Business and Management textbook.

The Revision Workbook can be used as end-of-topic reviews throughout The two-year course, or, as a revision tool prior to the examinations. There are ‘fill-in-the-blank’ tasks, key terms and concepts quizzes, short-answer examination-style questions and over 950 multiple choice questions.

For teachers, the Revision Workbook can help reduce their lesson Planning time. Also, the tasks can be used to promote independent learning both in and out of the classroom. The accompanying Solutions Guide to the Revision Workbook can be used for self, peer or teacher assessment.

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