Business Management Answer Book for 4th Edition (PDF)


Author: Paul Hoang
ISBN-13: 9781921917974
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date:
Format: PDF


Please note: This product can only be purchased for school use and the end user and school will need to be named.

This is a full colour supplement to the 4th edition of Paul Hoang’s popular Business and Management text (released 2018), with revised and updated content throughout to match the new course.

This outstanding resource is attractively priced and should prove to be a valuable accompaniment to the text.

The Business Management Answer Pack contains suggested answers and mark schemes to all 225 examination-style case study questions in the textbook, IB Business Management, for use with the IB Diploma Programme, 4th Edition. It is a full colour E-Book with purchase being for a single named user access, and student name/school is verfied before sending.