Data Response Questions for Economics: With Answers
Alan Glanville

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Author: Alan Glanville
Author(s): Alan Glanville, Jacob Glanville
ISBN-13: 9780952474647
ISBN-10: 0952474646
Publisher: Glanville Books
Publication Date: Jan-02
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160


This book is:

  • Suitable for use with any introductory economics course, including the IB Diploma
  • Companion workbook to Economics from a Global Perspective and Multiple Choice Questions for Economics
  • Contains contemporary articles from around the world with extensive questions and full answer section

The workbook is designed to enable the student to:

  • practice reading and interpreting articles as an economist
  • practice applying theory to real world issues
  • learn economics in a ‘hands on’ fashion
  • practice reading and interpreting data presented statistically and graphically
  • gain knowledge of the world beyond his/her own country
  • practice for data response type examination questions

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