French B for the IB Diploma Grammar & Skills Workbook
Lauren Lechelle

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Author: Lauren Lechelle
Author(s): Lauren Lechelle
ISBN-13: 9781471833205
ISBN-10: 1471833208
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 28-Nov-14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 96

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Prepare students for their written and oral assessments with essential grammar practice and opportunities to develop writing skills with this write-in workbook.

  • Ensures structured language practice through comprehensive coverage of all IB grammar points
  • Provides revision opportunities alongside material for ab initio students in the Transition section
  • Makes teaching students at two levels possible with differentiated activities at both Standard and Higher level
  • Provides extra challenges and advice for Higher students
  • In-depth practice of core reading and writing skills based around the seven main IB text types

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