IB Biology Internal Assessment
Ashby Merson-Davies

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Author: Ashby Merson-Davies
ISBN-13: 9781910689097
ISBN-10: 1910689092
Edition: 3rd Revised edition. This title is soon to be republished with new material.
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 13-Oct-17
Format: Paperback

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This title is soon to be republished with new material.

IB Biology Internal Assessment

This Guide provides practical support for your Internal Assessment for IBDP Biology, covering all of the essential tools and skills, with a focus on meeting the IA criteria at the maximum level.

Coverage includes:

Guidance on statistics
Insights into interpreting the assessment criteria
Guidance on using common software

Key features:

A write-up template to aid report structure
Detailed explanations on using Microsoft Excel for creating tables and graphs
Shortcut tips for using Microsoft Word
Additional advice on applying the IA guidance to a Biology Extended Essay

About the Author

Ashby has been teaching IB Biology courses for over 20 years. He has been involved in recent revisions of the IB Biology syllabi and over the last few years he has been a team leader at several teacher workshops held in Europe.

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