IB Economics: Paper 3 Numerical Questions Higher Level: Practice Questions with Answers
George Graves

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Author: George Graves
Author(s): George Graves
ISBN-13: 9781907374319
ISBN-10: 1907374310
Edition: This title is soon to be republished with new material.
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 01-Dec-11
Format: Paperback
Pages: 68

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This title is soon to be republished with new material.

Numerical questions will be a compulsory part of the higher level Economics exam under the new syllabus for the first examinations in May 2013. Our Economics: Paper 3 Numerical Questions HL guide has been written to help you prepare for these exams, with a series of likely questions taken from parts of the higher level syllabus. These questions aim to test your ability to make calculations through the application of basic mathematical principles consistent with higher level economic data.

The guide is divided into two parts; the first containing a variety of short questions in order to familiarise the reader with the type of skills and techniques necessary for the exam. The second has two complete tests with detailed answers and explanations.

About the Author

George has taught IB Economics since 1992 and has considerable experience as an examiner. As an experienced IB teacher George is used to helping students achieve their best in the examinations and is fully in touch with current exam requirements.

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