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Veronique Cheniaux

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Author: Veronique Cheniaux
Author(s): Veronique Cheniaux
ISBN-13: 9781596570030
ISBN-10: 1596570032
Publisher: Teaching Point
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IB French B includes varied interesting and entertaining learning activities that are specifically designed to prepare students for the IB exam. With over 325 pages of material, the exercises in IB French include: recent press articles from the francophone world—Africa, France, Canada, Belgium, Vietnam, Maghreb etc.; IB style text manipulation; multiple interactive activities reflecting the francophone world; listening comprehension of authentic and diverse francophone speech; and, an exploration of international cinema and literature and issues of human and social interest in the form of analysis, debate, lexical memorization, games and individual presentations. Appropriate basic grammatical review is included and multiple writing and speaking ranges (registres de paroles) are addressed as recommended by the IBO.

These instructional support materials, regularly updated, cover the complete course (at regular, honors, AP and IB levels), whether it be semester, year or 2-year (IB) with daily support for all aspects of instruction.
The Teacher’s Edition includes:

  • a syllabus
  • correlation to standards
  • daily pacing guide
  • detailed daily lesson plans
  • teacher edition of student activity book or lab manual with answers
  • class notes in PDF (for use as color overheads) and/or editable PowerPoint’s (for use with light projector or smartboard)
  • and complete editable assessments.

Classroom sets include 25 printed student books and Teacher Edition with DVD. Samples are available for each course (including complete short-term limited screen view versions in eBook format upon request). After purchase of the Teacher Edition in any of the various editions, student activity books or lab manuals are available for individual purchase. Although the online eBook version is screen view only, other versions are available that allow printing student material.

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