IB History – Paper 2: Authoritarian States Germany 1918-1945 SL & HL

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Author: Joe Gauci
Author(s): Joe Gauci
ISBN-13: 9781910689233
ISBN-10: 1910689238
Edition: 1st edition. This title is soon to be republished with new material.
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 12-Apr-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 60

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This title is soon to be republished with new material, but we do have some remaining stock.

This Guide is designed to help you prepare for History, Paper 2, World History Topic 10: Authoritarian States, SL and HL, using the emergence and rule of Nazi Germany (1918–1945) as a discrete example. It provides:

  • A clear structure to mirror the syllabus
  • Essential facts and examples
  • Author guidance on the requirements to obtain top marks
  • ‘Key Historical Perspectives’ sections that explain differing interpretations of core issues
  • Margin box definitions of key technical and historical terms
  • Timelines to map and contextualise important events
  • Sample essay questions to boost recall and essay-writing skills.

About the Author

Joe read Modern History at Lincoln College, Oxford and has been teaching for 24 years. Joe has taught IB History for the last 16 years at Malvern College, Worcestershire, England where he oversees its academic life as Director of Studies.

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