IB Math Studies Course Materials: Student Activities Book
Jon O’Neill


Author: Jon O'Neill
Author(s): Jon O'Neill
ISBN-13: 9781596573901
ISBN-10: 1596573902
Publisher: Teaching Point
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback
Pages: 450


IB Math Studies (Standard Level) is designed specifically for out-of-field instructors or teachers new to the IB curriculum. The course caters for students with varied backgrounds and abilities. Following IB guidelines, topics are approached from first principles. Students are encouraged to develop and use their own skills rather than having to rely on standard algorithms and learned formulae. An inquiry-based approach with practical use of investigations has been used to provide meaningful context to topics and develop student understanding. IB’s aim of promoting internationalism through mathematics is achieved with background information being given relative to the history of mathematical discovery, noted mathematicians and the cultural contexts of their contributions.

Each daily lesson plan provides detailed instructions for the teacher. The coursework component of the course has been integrated into the daily pacing guide with detailed guidelines given for students and teachers. Notes for using the graphical display calculator are also included in the daily lesson plans.

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