IB Physics Option C Imaging
Hugh Duncan

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Author: Hugh Duncan
Author(s): Hugh Duncan
ISBN-13: 9781910689219
ISBN-10: 1910689211
Edition: 1st edition. This title is soon to be republished with new material.
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 04-Jul-16
Format: Paperback

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This title is soon to be republished with new material.

This guide’s aim is to support the textbook and the notes made in class. This is achieved by summarising the key points, several dozen worked examples each followed by similar problems. Also, there are several hands on tasks allowing students to improve their graphing, ray diagram, and labelling skills, a list of the commonest mistakes in the exam and finally over thirty questions split into core and high level extension, all with answers.

About the Author

Hugh studied astronomy at University College London and then gained a teaching certificate in Physics, Science, and Maths at the University of Kent. He has taught IB Physics for the last 15 years in Nice, France.

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