Maths Route 2 (Applications and Interpretation) HL print+ebook

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ISBN-13: 9780435193447
ISBN-10: 0435193449
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 27 Jun 2019
Format: Paperback

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Maths Route 2 (Applications and Interpretation) HL print+ebook

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches for the IB Diploma Higher Level is a comprehensive textbook covering the 2019 curriculum. The book also includes the following features: written by an expert authoring team additional integrated digital content including GeoGebra applets created specifically for the course worked examples to help you tackle questions practice questions to help you prepare for the exam rich and wide-ranging chapter on Mathematics in Theory of Knowledge guidance on internal assessment


1 Number and algebra basics
2 Functions
3 Sequences and series
4 Geometry and trigonometry 1
5 Geometry and trigonometry 2
6 Complex numbers
7 Matrices
8 Vectors
9 Modelling real-life phenomena
10 Descriptive statistics
11 Probability of events
12 Graph theory
13 Intro to differential calculus
14 Further differential calculas
15 Probabilty distributions
16 Integral calculus
17 Inferential statistics
18 Statistical analysis
19 Bivariate analysis HL
20 Further integral calculus
21 The mathematical exploration – Internal assessment
22 Theory of knowledge

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