Microbiology & Biotechnology Modular Workbook
Kent Pryor

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Author: Kent Pryor
Author(s): Kent Pryor, Richard Allan, Lissa Bainbridge-Smith, Tracey Greenwood
ISBN-13: 9781927173725
ISBN-10: 1927173728
Edition: 3rd edition
Publisher: Biozone International Ltd
Publication Date: 06-Feb-14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 124

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Microbiology and Biotechnology provides objectives and activities through which students can explore aspects of the microbial world. The essential role of microorganisms in traditional and modern biotechnology is thoroughly covered through a variety of engaging, clearly explained activities. This revision includes new material on the place of genomics in modern biotechnology and examines some of its wider applications. An easy-to-use and relevant resource for today’s student.

New This Edition

This revision includes 25 new activities and a revision of existing material. Many of these new activities replace content that has been superseded by more current and relevant information.


  • Microorganisms and Biotechnology
  •  Cloning and Cell Culture
  •  Genetic Manipulation
  •  Biotechnology in Medicine
  •  Genome Research

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