Multiple Choice Questions For Economics 2nd Edition

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Author: Alan Glanville
Author(s): Alan Glanville, Jacob Glanville
ISBN-13: 9780952474661
ISBN-10: 0952474662
Publisher: Glanville Books
Publication Date: Jun-2013


Based on the current syllabus of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, for first examinations in May 2013

  • Economics Standard and Higher Levels (with Higher Level only
    questions flagged)
  • Structured in the same study order as the textbook Economics from a global perspective (third edition), sequenced by section, chapter and topic
  • Over 450 questions, with many new questions covering the mathematical content of the
    current syllabus
  • Answers that can be removed if using the book for course tests
  • At a suitable level for use with GCE A Level courses, professional courses, and university
    introductory courses

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