Psychology for the 21st Century
Jennie Brooks Jamison


Author: Jennie Brooks Jamison
ISBN-13: 9781530993345
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date:


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Prepare to enter a world requiring students to have high critical thinking skills, good health habits, and an understanding of other cultures. This book follows the International Baccalaureate psychology curriculum course but is a good choice for any course wanting a global perspective and an in-depth view of how classic psychology theory and research is developing into a mature and globally relevant discipline. Each chapter demonstrates thinking strategies (command terms for IB) to increase critical thought. Topics covered are biological, cognitive, and sociocultural approaches to behavior, along with abnormal, health, and developmental psychology. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are detailed, along with guidelines for the IB internal assessment. Added benefits are advice for extended essays, lesson such as the psychology of terrorism, and health projects. IB CAS ideas, links to Theory of Knowledge, and approaches to teaching and learning are woven into each section. Kali the tiger is pictured on the back of the book and perhaps your class will do a CAS project about her situation!

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