DP English Student Workbook Teacher Support Materials Damian Rentoule

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Author: Damian Rentoule
Author(s): Damian Rentoule
ISBN-13: 9781456778989
ISBN-10: 1456778986
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication Date: 29-Jun-11
Format: Paperback
Pages: 184

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The DP English Student Workbook presents a range of student centered activities designed to scaffold the process of literary analysis. All activities presented are directly based on the objectives and assessment criteria from the IB Diploma Programme Language A English courses.

The DP English Student Workbook:

  • systematically introduces the language of literary analysis
  • focuses on the student’s role in the building of connections between parts of texts
  • presents a mix of substantive conversation and focused writing
  • introduces a range of extracts for commentary
  • allows original ideas to be generated in a scaffolded framework

The DP English Student Workbook is designed to help students collect and organize their ideas about texts for the full two year period of the DP Language A course. The skills targeted in this Workbook will enable students to analyze, in a critical manner, familiar and unfamiliar texts well after they leave our schools and it is in this spirit of Lifelong Learning that the activities have been presented.

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