Theory of Knowledge – A New Synthesis
George R. Pruitt


Author: George R. Pruitt
ISBN-13: 9780992522490
ISBN-10: 0992522498
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date:

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This companion follows the curricular framework outlined in the IB Diploma Programme’s Theory of knowledge guide (First Assessment 2015).

  • Full color.
  • Extensively illustrated including over 70 outstanding illustrations by student-artists created specifically for this text.
  • Full discussions and analyses of knowledge questions related to timely real-life situations to help students prepare for successful TOK presentations.
  • Unrelenting focus on generating and persuasively analyzing incisive knowledge questions.
  • Focus on the metaphor of knowledge as a mental map rather than on narrow philosophical definitions.
  • Emphasis on the distinction between personal and shared knowledge and constructive use of the former to avoid predictable “textbook” examples.
  • Written in a fresh, cogent, appealing, accessible and responsible academic style that serves as a model for students as they prepare their TOK essays for “global impression marking”.

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