Biology (3rd Edition)

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Author: Minka Peeters Weem
Author(s): Christopher Talbot, Antony Mayrhofer
ISBN-13: 9781876659028
ISBN-10: 1876659025
Edition: 3rd Edition
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432

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This is an extensively reworked, revised and expanded edition of the popular IBID text – Biology – with content aligned to the 2007 syllabus. In addition to the major author Minka Peeters Weem, it contains contributions from two new co-authors, Antony Mayrhofer and Christopher Talbot.

The 3rd edition of the text features the following:

  • A larger (215x280mm) page size and enhanced page layout.
  • Much improved colour illustrations to complement the text.
  • References to the Theory of Knowledge and the International Perspective.
  • A glossary of Key Terms.
  • Student exercises for each chapter with answers.

A complimentary student CD that contains:

  • The full text in pdf format.
  • Illustrative animations of important biological processes.
  • A photo gallery with related discussion topics.

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