IB History SL & HL Paper 2 Authoritarian States: China 1911-1976
Joe Gauci

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Author: Joe Gauci
Author(s): Joe Gauci
ISBN-13: 9781910689387
ISBN-10: 1910689386
Edition: New edition
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 31-Jan-18
Format: Paperback
Pages: 120

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IB History SL HL Paper 2 Authoritarian States China 1911-1976

This revision guide supports exam preparation for IBDP History Paper 2, Topic 10: Authoritarian States, using Mao’s China (1911-1976) as a discrete example. Coverage includes:

  • The fall of the Qing dynasty and the failure of parliamentary government
  • The First United Front and its breakdown
  • Chiang Kai-shek’s rule during the Nanjing Decade
  • The war with Japan, the Civil War, and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China
  • The Hundred Flowers Campaign
  • The divergence from Soviet-style Communism and the Great Leap Forward
  • The Cultural Revolution
  • The relationship with foreign powers and regional conflicts Key features
  • Practice essay questions, with advice on potential approaches
  • Key information boxes contain important facts, issues, viewpoints, and terminology
  • Key perspectives boxes highlight differing historical interpretations of core issues
  • Timelines help you to visualise and contextualise important events

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