IB Mathematics: Calculus: For Exams from 2014
Wendy Stevens

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Author: Wendy Stevens
Author(s): Wendy Stevens
ISBN-13: 9781907374616
ISBN-10: 1907374612
Edition: 2nd Revised edition. This title is soon to be republished with new material.
Publisher: OSC Publishing
Publication Date: 23-Apr-13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 40

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This title is soon to be republished with new material, but we do have some remaining stock.

This guide addresses the Mathematics HL Option Calculus. The Option is a separate part of the exam and generally it is the last part of the syllabus to be covered, and therefore often the part least revised and yet it is worth 20% of the final marks and should merit special attention.  This dedicated guide will help students focus on it and achieve their best in the examination.

About the Author

Wendy has been teaching Maths for over 25 years and has taught regularly on OSC’s Spring Revision courses and Summer Schools since 2001.


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