Panorama Francophone Student Book 2: 2
Daniele Bourdais

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Author: Daniele Bourdais
Author(s): Daniele Bourdais, Sue Finnie, Genevieve Talon, Jenny Ollerenshaw
ISBN-13: 9781107572676
ISBN-10: 1107572673
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: 10-Sep-15
Format: Paperback
Pages: 150

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The Panorama francophone suite covers everything you need for the two year Ab Initio French course for the IB Language B programme

Designed to support IB Language B ab initio French students, it is the second of two student’s books covering the two year course. International in approach and containing material designed to engage older teenage learners, it requires students to think and reflect at a level suitable for an IB Diploma student while placing a strong emphasis on developing intercultural understanding and on French as a world language. ToK and CAS are fully integrated into the learning and all language is taught and practised in context.

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