Theory of Knowledge Topics Book (PDF)
George R. Pruitt


Author: George R. Pruitt
ISBN-13: 9781921917264
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date:
Format: Downloadable PDF

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This collection of topics for further discussion and suggestions for class activities was created as a supplement to Theory of Knowledge: A New Synthesis. The latter book is directed to any readers interested in exploring in considerable depth some of the many issues related to theory of knowledge. This Topics Book, on the other hand, is specifically directed to teachers and students engaged in active learning.

Active learning is an approach to teaching and learning that gives the learner opportunities to take charge of learning. Instead of just listening to teachers, reading selections from assigned texts and taking notes passively in a lecture-style class, students engaged in active learning must construct their own knowledge. This supplementary collection of topics and activities presents ideas and questions to be discussed and engaged in an open, supportive and respectful learning environment. The focus is on discovery and a collaborative search for answers. It is a full colour PDF photocopy master and is priced as such.

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