Ways Of Knowing: An Introduction To The Theory Of Knowledge
Michael Woolman

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Author: Michael Woolman
Author(s): Michael Woolman
ISBN-13: 9781876659073
ISBN-10: 1876659076
Publisher: IBID Press
Publication Date: 15-Aug-06
Format: Paperback

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Author and experienced Theory of Knowledge teacher, Michael Woolman, presents a fascinating insight into the ways in which we acquire knowledge. Michael’s book is clearly written and aimed at a level accessible to students. The first edition of Ways of Knowing has been read and enjoyed by thousands of I.B. students.

The second edition of the book has many improvements including:

  • a completely revised ways-of-knowing section.
  • more exploration of emotion, and an additional chapter on Faith.
  • advice on the problems of statistics.
  • updated examples and suggestions for class discussions and activities.
  • a completely new section giving assessment advice based on the March 2006 Curriculum Guide.

Informative, extensively illustrated and at times amusing, this second edition is always thought provoking. Teachers are professional questioners. They ask questions which will encourage their students to explore ideas, develop thinking skills and become aware of what it is to know.

In order to begin to explore and answer these questions, students need a core of knowledge about knowledge. This book has been written to provide that core. In this book, Michael has summarised fundamental Theory of Knowledge concepts and presented them simply and precisely. With this basic core of knowledge available to their students, Theory of Knowledge teachers can continue to ask questions confident of their students’ awareness of the issues implied.

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