French B for the IB Diploma Student Book
Jane Byrne

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Author: Jane Byrne
Author(s): Jane Byrne, Damian Henderson, Sophie Jobson, Lauren Lechelle
ISBN-13: 9781471804182
ISBN-10: 1471804186
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication Date: 25-Jul-14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304

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A new, accessible guide to French B from IB experts and native speakers, French B for the IB Diploma responds to teacher needs by providing texts and skills practice at the right level for all students for all core and optional topics. Clear learning pathways provide routes through the book for both Standard and Higher Level students ensuring maximum language progression. This Student Book:

  • develops text handling skills for Paper 1 through carefully crafted reading tasks based around the main text types
  • provides plenty of writing practice that mirrors the skills and styles needed for Paper 2 (written production)
  • offers opportunities to encourage speaking skills with a wealth of visual stimulus
  • promotes global citizenship and an appreciation of the Francophone world through a wide range of cultural material and questioning
  • signposts links and references to Theory of Knowledge

Also available: French B for the IB Diploma Dynamic Learning (ISBN 9781471804731) Teacher planning, student resources, assessment material and audio, all easily accessible, anytime, anywhere. French B for the IB Diploma Dynamic Learning Whiteboard Edition (ISBN 9781471804212).

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